Media Training

Media Training

Whether your spokesperson is media-savvy, a bit rusty or a first-timer, media training will deliver the spit, prep and polish to nail media interviews. Cue Bospar’s experts: a former TV producer, on-air reporter and professional media trainer. After several hours of intensive work with our experts, your message will be crisp, and you’ll skillfully answer the questions you want, steering clear of those you don’t. We even address what others miss: ways to build rapport and trust, managing different personalities, “bridging” the conversation, and tips about lighting, location and how to be your personal best.

  • Media Audience
  • Investor Audience
  • Media-ready Messaging
  • On-camera Review
  • Presentation Development
  • Presentation Training
  • Building Rapport
  • Location + Lighting
  • Your Personal Best

See how Politely Pushy Media Training helps our clients shape the world.

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