Break loose.

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Are you ready to be a Bospartan?

We proudly call ourselves Bospartans. Our charter is nothing less than doing transformative PR, content and social media programs for the technology leaders who are changing our world. We strive for the best results known to our industry – and don’t stop until we get them.

We need more people like us. Is that you?

If you are driven by a passion to do world changing PR, have proven your success at other tech PR firms or companies and are now looking to go to your own next level – GET IN TOUCH! No form letters – please check us out and then tell us in a cover email with your resume why you think you are right for Bospar.

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Transform the World — Right from Your Home Office

We’re an all virtual firm of several dozen people making PR history right from our home offices – closely connected by a passion to make a big difference and supported by the best of technology.

Choose a Mac or a PC laptop – and we’ll connect you to a world of video conferencing, leading edge PR resource tools – and a continual flow of emails, texts, Gchats and other communications with some of the best clients and PR colleagues in the world. We’re a tightly knit team who have each others’ backs. We’re an extended family to our clients – where we also have each others’ backs. We respect and support our working moms as they raise their Baby Bospartans. We all respect, support and genuinely like each other. We get together in person as often as we can, in all different configurations, wherever in the country our client work takes us.

Exceptional Benefits for Exceptional People.

In addition to any state or federal requirements, Bospar offers the following benefits:

Medical: Platinum Full PPO with monthly premium paid
Dental and Vision: Principal PPO with monthly premium paid
401K: Option to participate
Paid Vacation: starting at 3 weeks per year
Paid Sick Days: 5 days per year
Paid Holidays: 13 to 16 days per year
Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave: 2 months
Long Term Disability

Bospar also offers the following perks:

Internet service stipend: $100 per month
Phone service stipend: $80 per month
Wellness stipend: $100 per month
Ergonomic equipment stipend: $250 per year
Travel cost reimbursement