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Travel and hospitality have been on a wild ride.

After getting stuck on standby during the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry came back in a big way in 2021 and for most of 2022. But, as Deloitte notes, while there is still ample opportunity, consumers’ financial anxiety and concerns about climate change, plus labor shortages, are creating entirely new challenges for would-be travelers and the industry.

Despite the ups and downs in hospitality and travel, a few things remain constant: 

  • People of all kinds, everywhere, like to go out and get together to connect and have fun.
  • Individuals want to be able to arrange and enjoy travel and other experiences with maximum reward and minimal friction.
  • Businesses and destinations that deliver the best experiences will be most successful.
  • The more people who know about those experiences, the greater chance for growth.
  • To maximize growth, the travel industry and hospitality industry need the power of PR.

Let Bospar take you on a journey of what’s possible through successful public relations.

The dynamic duo who were preparing to open the Oakland nightclub Fluid510 wanted to make the grand opening a big success. The founders knew that attracting media attention could help make that happen. But it was challenging since Bay Area media tends to focus on San Francisco.

For iSeatz, a travel technology company, we commissioned research on last-minute ancillary bookings based on age. Our PR efforts included crafting and distributing press releases to share the data – issuing one release around Memorial Day and the other near the Fourth of July.

The PR strategy and our PR tactics were a success – yielding 36 earned media stories in business and trade news outlets such as Digital Journal, Travel Agent Central and Yahoo! Finance.

Pittsfield wanted to change public perceptions, increase brand awareness, and boost tourism, relocation, business and web traffic, so it called on Bospar’s PR professionals. Bospar built a public relations strategy capitalizing on a new rail service called the Berkshire Flyer that recently came to town, and the PR team arranged trips for bloggers and reporters to take it to Pittsfield.

This winning PR campaign led to more than 130 media placements and 1.7 billion media impressions in just the first few months – landing Pittsfield in such high quality publications as Forbes, The New York Times, The New Yorker, POLITICO, Travel + Leisure and Vogue!

After getting stuck on standby during the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry came back in a big way in 2021 and for most of 2022

In a different hospitality industry success story, a research effort and media outreach orchestrated by Bospar for our client Switchfly yielded coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Re/Code, Fortune, Dow Jones and other top-tier media. That continued to build trust and increase brand awareness for this client, which is a technology company that powers travel search and booking, loyalty and ancillary solutions for some of the world’s most popular brands.

Bospar will take your business to new heights, whether your company is working to:

Keep your employees engaged and current on trends and developments

Bospar’s PR efforts secured Switchfly coverage in top tier outlets including Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Re/Code, Dow Jones, Reuters and key trade outlets, including, Tnooz and Skift.

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