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Data is everywhere. It’s generated in many forms and by a variety of events and devices.

Structured and unstructured data. Semi-structured data.

Businesses, cars, cloud, edge, data centers, IoT endpoints, point-of-sale touchpoints are all creating, storing and/or using data. But that’s just a small sampling, as the list goes on and on.

But if businesses can’t find, trust, aggregate, analyze and provide access to data when it’s fresh, data won’t have as much value. Yet many businesses continue to struggle with data silos, complex data pipelines and data latency issues – meaning their businesses may lose value, too.

Bospar exists to spotlight companies and solutions like yours.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, 91.9% of Fortune 1000 global data and business leaders say their investments in data, analytics and AI create measurable business value.

Well more than half of the survey group (59.5%) say that their companies are driving business innovation with data. But the report also signals there is ample room for improvement. The article, authored by HBR contributor Randy Bean of strategic advisor NewVantage Partners:

  • The percentage of executives reporting that their companies are driving business innovation with data did not change between 2022 and 2023.
  • Less than a quarter (23.9%) say their companies have created a data-driven organization – that’s down from 31% four years ago.
  • And just more than a fifth (20.6%) say that they have built a data-driven culture within their organizations – that is a 27% decrease from what companies said back in 2019.

Clearly, there’s a need for new solutions to address the data deluge, become data-driven organizations, make data-driven decisions and act faster to grow their businesses.

And that creates a great opportunity for data solution providers like you.

However, if businesses aren’t aware of your company and the value of your products, your solutions are akin to dark data – a potentially valuable asset just waiting to be brought to light.

Bospar exists to spotlight companies and solutions like yours.

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Whether you provide a cloud data warehouse, a data lakehouse, a unified database, data observability and data visualizations, data infrastructure and storage solutions, data analytics, data governance, data quality, a data pipeline offering, data security, or anything else to help organizations get greater value from their data, Bospar can get you the attention you deserve.

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