Crisis Management

When there’s a crisis, you want Bospar by your side. We help prevent a negative news spiral and position you for rapid recovery, as we’ve done for some of the largest companies in technology. It all starts with readying a plan strategizing potential threats and identifying the chain of communications, spokespeople, statements, online advocates, and detractors, too. Media training, simulation exercises and legal approval are all must-haves. When crisis strikes, our media mavens mobilize swiftly, 100% on call to handle whatever threatens your operations, employees or reputation. We make real-time adjustments as we monitor media; internal and external sentiments; and social media. A recovery strategy is built in to restore your brand and reputation, if needed.

Case studies

What we offer

Crisis management services

  • Crisis Strategy

  • 24/7 Counsel
  • Spokespeople Communications
  • Chain Holding Statements
  • Media Training Simulations
  • Audience Outreach
  • Threat Assessment
  • Employee Communications
  • Media Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Reputation Management

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