Crisis Management

When there’s a crisis, you want Bospar by your side. We help prevent a negative news spiral and position you for rapid recovery, as we’ve done for some of the largest companies in technology. It all starts with readying a plan strategizing potential threats and identifying the chain of communications, spokespeople, statements, online advocates, and detractors, too. Media training, simulation exercises and legal approval are all must-haves. When crisis strikes, our media mavens mobilize swiftly, 100% on call to handle whatever threatens your operations, employees or reputation. We make real-time adjustments as we monitor media; internal and external sentiments; and social media. A recovery strategy is built in to restore your brand and reputation, if needed.

Case studies

Infobip celebrates the anniversary of SMS technology on the Today Show.

What we offer

Crisis management services

  • Crisis Strategy

  • 24/7 Counsel
  • Spokespeople Communications
  • Chain Holding Statements
  • Media Training Simulations
  • Audience Outreach
  • Threat Assessment
  • Employee Communications
  • Media Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Reputation Management

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