Welcome to Pittsfield


Differentiate Pittsfield from the rest of the Berkshires and dispel misperceptions around it’s “gritty” reputation by highlighting what Pittsfield can offer that no other destination can to boost tourism and relocation, drive economic business interest and drive web traffic. ​


Positioning the City as an affordable, accessible getaway on the East Coast from New York, Boston, DC, and Pennsylvania, Bospar leveraged commencement of a new rail service, the Berkshire Flyer, and familiarization (FAM) trips with bloggers and reporters to obtain coverage across national travel, regional blogger and local media publications. Bospar coordinated four (4) successful FAM trips in under three months, with four (4) more in the pipeline through January 2023.​



In just the first few months of the campaign, Bospar has successfully secured over 130 placements and 1.7B total media impressions with Pittsfield-focused conversations in both national and regional publications, across many verticals and in influential media outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, The New Yorker, Travel + Leisure, TripSavvy, POLITICO, The Points Guy, Mommy Poppins, and more. Pittsfield has risen 26% in Share of Voice above other regional towns considered competitive destinations. ​

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