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Ensuring we have plentiful energy to power our world, reducing the use of fossil fuel power generation and carbon emissions, embracing sustainable energy and food sources, successfully executing renewable energy projects, and adopting planet-friendly practices and technology are all critical to the health, well-being, and survival of people and other living things on Earth.

Addressing all that is complex and requires the help of many players and new technologies. The United Nations’ COP28 climate conference, at which about 100,000 delegates from around the world came together, helped to highlight how just complicated energy security and sustainability can be.

However, momentum around and investment in cleantech and climatetech are clearly building.

“Excitement around cleantech investments and manufacturing is back, and the money is flowing again,” MIT Technology Review recently reported. The 2022 U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, which provides credits for investments in wind, solar, energy storage and other renewable energy projects, helped renew this interest. In its 2024 renewable energy industry outlook, Deloitte writes that federal investments in clean energy and the decarbonization push have never been stronger and could move forward renewables and work to meet the country’s climate targets.

Deloitte highlights the uneven advance of renewables, noting that the outlook for the solar market has brightened in recent months, while wind power has “faced sweeping challenges.”

Batteries, meanwhile, are a hot area of growth. McKinsey notes the skyrocketing demand for batteries in major automotive markets in Europe and the United States. Forecasts call for 30% growth a year globally by 2030. The battery value chain is also growing by leaps and bounds. Estimates suggest it will increase by ten times between 2020 and 2030. And while demand for electric vehicles has seen some ups and downs and EV battery prices hit a record low in 2023, growth for EVs is brisk and “battery demand across EVs and stationary energy storage is still on track to grow at a remarkable pace of 53% year-on-year, reaching 950 gigawatt-hours in 2023.”

Momentum around and investment in cleantech and climatetech are clearly building

There are so many opportunities to power and protect our world.

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