PRSA Foggies honors Bospar as 2022’s Best Large Agency

SAN FRANCISCO – November 17, 2022 Bospar, the “politely pushy” PR and marketing firm that puts tech companies on the map, announced today that it had won the coveted PRSA Foggies Award for a second consecutive year – this time for Best Large Agency of 2022.

Oops, Bospar did it again…

Bospar, the top-ranking tech public relations agency, was named winner of The Foggies Small Agency of the Year Award in 2021, showcasing its ability to stay ahead of the curve and impressive growth in just 12 short months. Bospar increased its revenue from $11 million in 2021 to more than $18 million in 2022. Inc. 5000 recognized Bospar for achieving a 165% three-year revenue growth.  

Bospar’s recipe for success

Agency founders Curtis Sparrer and Chris Boehlke acknowledge that today’s award – and the others it has received – is due to Bospar’s unique DNA, which combines an unyielding commitment to clients and ongoing dedication to employees. Equally important is the Bospar Stands Up initiative – a unique human rights program that advocates for women’s reproductive rights and the LGBTQIA+ community. Fast Company’s 2022 World-Changing Ideas recently recognized Bospar’s “Messes with Texas” human rights campaign.

Bospar, which launched as a public relations agency in 2015, has evolved from its roots into an award-winning full-service, integrated marketing firm offering expertise in content marketingsocial media marketingcrisis communicationsmedia relations, digital advertising, and influencer marketing. It is the PR and marketing firm of choice for over 100 tech companies representing industries that include FinTech, MedTech, HealthTechCybersecurity, and InsureTech.


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