Technology downtime insurer goes front and center with U.S. business, fintech and insurance media

September 15, 2022

Parametrix has pioneered a new product in the insurance market, becoming the first parametric, technology downtime insurance provider. The company’s policies cover financial losses for companies when their cloud-based services such as their cloud provider, CDN or e-commerce platform goes down and interrupts their business. Parametrix’s proprietary, global technology monitoring platform immediately identifies downtime events in real time, triggering policies and collecting data. As a parametric insurance product, there are no claims to file as in traditional insurance, and coverage is paid out within 15 business days.  

Neta Rozy and Ori Cohen

Parametrix has offices in Tel Aviv, New York, London and Munich. While it had achieved recognition and media success in Israel, Parametrix hired Bospar to plan and implement a PR strategy and program to build its U.S. media presence.

Ori Cohen, Co-founder & COO with Neta Rozy, Co-founder & CTO

PR Media Strategy




Total Media Placements


Total UVMs


Business Press Interviews


We secured 32 pieces of coverage, totaling 32M UVMs, including WSJ, Protocol, Fintech Times, and Benzinga.

“ I selected Bospar to support me at three different companies,” said Jed Alpert, CMO of Parametrix Insurance. “Bospar delivers continuous results, securing regular placements in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and CNBC. They have been instrumental in helping me to build successful B2B brands across diverse industries and stages of growth, including a $500m acquisition, multiple financings and the run-up to an IPO. They act nimbly and practically, which is important for the fluid environment we live in now.”

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