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San Francisco vs. San Fran – What Should You Call It?

January 30, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
San Francisco in 1891

Bospar’s “headquarters” is in San Francisco, and most of our employees live in the Bay Area. So, we have an unusual interest in what we see as the city’s basic branding problem. Let me explain. It all goes back to January 30, 1847, when San Francisco’s mayor, Lieutenant Washington Allon Bartlett, dealt with San Francisco’s first PR crisis: what to call the place.

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Death, Grieving and PR–What I Taught at PRSA

July 19, 2017 · Curtis Sparrer

There is nothing more evil than an 8 a.m. meeting. Unless it’s an 8 a.m. meeting where you’re expected to be dazzling before the future of PR.

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Birthdays and Birth Days

June 29, 2017 · Chris Boehlke
Birthdays at Bospar

People who like birthdays like to celebrate even mid-year points. And we like birthdays a lot. So we’re proud to share that Bospar turns 2.5 on July 1. On one hand, that’s a short time. On the other, it’s a lot of work days – and often long ones when you’re as passionate as we are.

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