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From Tiny Sapling to 50-Footer: Some Thoughts on Growth and Sharing Our Success Upon Bospar’s Fifth Anniversary

January 22, 2020 · Tom Carpenter
Sapling at Bospar

Trees and PR? Yes, there are similarities. Let me explain. I’ve managed to learn that the Empress, or Foxglove, tree is one of the fastest-growing specimens in the world. Paulownia tomentosa grows about ten feet in a year, which is pretty amazing. If I had planted an Empress tree when my agency was born, it would be a 50-footer by now!

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How Business Insider Nearly Ruined My Life – and Then Saved It

January 15, 2020 · Curtis Sparrer
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There is an unintended consequence to a great public relations placement. It reveals what people truly think of you.  That…

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Five and Twenty

January 06, 2020 · Chris Boehlke
Five at Bospar

It’s been five years since Bospar opened its virtual doors. We had a vision. And as the century turns 20, so far that vision has stacked up well with what a 2020 vision should look like.

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