IrisCX, a Canada-based company, wanted to leverage their funding news to break into the US market and drive awareness of the company as the undisputed leader in personalized customer service and data insights at scale. The funding amount itself wasn’t large enough to capture the attention of media.


PR knew we needed to tell a story beyond the funding round. We developed a data-driven storyline that focused on establishing the pain points and problems with current customer service models. We created a pitch that included the number of video session completed, the average IrisCX customer CSAT score and the amount of revenue growth in the last year.


PR secured more than 25 pieces of coverage, including WSJ Pro Venture Capital Newsletter, Flipboard Mergermarket, Benzinga and Axios Pro Rata and broadcast coverage, generating 68+M impressions. PR efforts also drove business results. IrisCX was able to directly map three MQLs to the coverage PR secured and saw website traffic increase 179 percent.

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