Powering up: Harness PR to shine in booming cleantech space

May 1, 2024

Clean energy is no longer just a niche market — it’s a powerhouse driving global change. 

From solar and wind to electric vehicles and innovative battery storage and technologies, the clean energy sector is expansive, and it’s experiencing dramatic growth — reshaping economies and propelling substantial strides toward a more sustainable future.

Events like CLEANPOWER, organized by the American Clean Power Association (ACP), are essential for staying ahead in this dynamic industry. This year’s event, which runs from May 6-9 in Minneapolis, brings together the sector’s movers and shakers — corporate leaders, policymakers and experts — to discuss the latest market insights and technologies as attendees look to capitalize on the expanding clean energy ecosystem. 

ACP’s Clean Power Annual Report discloses dramatic growth

At this year’s CLEANPOWER event, close to 500 exhibitors will display their solutions for the solar, storage, hydrogen and transmission industries.

ACP’s 2023 Clean Power Annual Market Report underscores the progress of U.S. clean energy. In 2023, the U.S. industry witnessed a record-breaking installation of 33.8 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale clean energy projects — a 12.5% increase from the previous annual record set in 2021. Solar and storage emerged as frontrunners, surpassing previous installation records and solidifying their dominance in the clean power sector.

Clean power dominated the new power capacity additions, showcasing a clear shift towards sustainable energy sources. This surge in installations reflects technological advancements and a growing recognition of clean energy solutions’ environmental and economic benefits.

Investment funding in clean energy also soared. The 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) and BloombergNEF shared that 2023 was another record-breaking year for investment in clean energy transition. 

Investment in the sector increased to a record $1.8 trillion in the U.S. in 2023. 

The International Energy Agency’s country-by-country and sector-by-sector analysis found that in 2023, clean energy added around $320 billion to the world economy, representing 10% of global GDP growth. Its projections indicate that if countries fulfill their climate and energy pledges, the mass-produced arm of the cleantech market could soar to an astonishing $650 billion by 2030, generating nearly 14 million jobs in the sector.

Unlocking opportunities with Bospar

Are you planning on exhibiting at or attending CLEANPOWER? Bospar can help arrange media interviews ahead of the event to capture coverage. 

Perhaps you will not be attending CLEANPOWER, but your company is launching a cleantech solution or wants to capture a larger market share. Partnering with Bospar can provide you with unparalleled visibility and help you gain traction in the market. 

With a track record of securing media interest and coverage in top-tier publications, Bospar empowers businesses to stand out and position themselves as industry leaders.

Just take a look at what we’ve achieved for other companies in this space.

Bospar secured coverage for Energy Dome in climate, business and other influential media outlets. Total media coverage skyrocketed to 120 publications, including top-tier business and technology outlets like Reuters, TechCrunch and Axios, reaching an audience of over 869 million. 

We topped off this incredible coverage with a New York Times article devoted to Energy Dome and its storage solution: Storing Renewable Energy, One Balloon at a Time

The article noted that: “Solar and wind power are fast-growing renewable sources, but they rely on nature’s intermittent schedule to produce electricity. Many researchers and policymakers say that storing such energy until needed, for hours or even days, is key to transitioning economies away from fossil fuels.” It also included an earlier endorsement of energy-storage technology from Jennifer M. Granholm, U.S. energy secretary, who commented that: “Advancing energy-storage technologies is critical to achieving a decarbonized power grid.” 

And for Solar Promotion GmbH’s North American event, InterSolar, we drove a record-breaking 120 media registrations — including attendees from Fortune, Forbes, Reuters and the San Francisco Chronicle — resulting in nearly 300 original articles and 135 million impressions during the weeklong event. The event also saw a 139% increase in Twitter followers year over year and a 162% increase in Facebook fans year over year.

For PowerGenix, an established leader in environmentally friendly nickel-zinc battery technology for consumer applications, Bospar engaged with major automotive and trade reporters to highlight NiZn as a superior technology for stop-start applications and traffic control backup systems. We secured coverage in Automotive World, Car and Driver, Green Car Reports, Battery Power, Green Car Congress and more, and five contributed articles in battery trades and key verticals. Executives took the stage at marquee industry conferences, including EV World, Battery Japan and the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference.

The momentum behind clean energy is undeniable. But with increased investment, deployment and interest comes more competition, as companies understand the significant market potential. By partnering with Bospar, we can ensure that your clean energy technology rises to the top to capture the media attention and business results your innovative approach deserves. 

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