The biggest growth sector in the financial arena is fintech – new technologies that seek to improve the automation, delivery and use of financial services. From payment processing, digital-first banking and wealth management to tech-enabled insurance, real estate and analytics for capital markets, Bospar clients are where the action is.

And then, there’s the burgeoning field of crypto – the newest currency to take financial markets by storm. Bospar is in the mix, supporting our clients as they make history. We help our fintech, insurtech and other financial services clients get above the radar, ensuring access to services and improving the adoption of their products worldwide. With a finger on the pulse of what’s happening, Bospar advises on PR strategies and initiatives with the highest likelihood of success. All with confidence, because we’ve been there with fintech clients before – from PayPalCardlyticsMarqetaVaro, and ViewPost to insurtech clients InShare and Mulberry.

Bospar is also at the forefront of helping pre-IPO and fundraising companies get the pulse on capital markets to determine the right strategy and tactics to close deals that will shape our future. From VC funding to going public, Bospar has “been there, done that” with numerous clients, such as Snowflake and Crunchbase, collecting the know-how to get our clients visible with exactly the right audience.

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