Why PR Is Important for Tech Companies

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June 17, 2020

Arguably the gatekeepers of all newsworthy information, public relations professionals liaise with reporters, producers and editors every day about most, if not all, of the articles and stories you read online, in newspapers and watch on television.  But why is public relations important for technology companies in particular? Read on to find out:

Boosts Valuation

Well-placed, third-party articles that mention or quote a company and/or its leadership attract venture capitalists and investors and also help establish awareness and credibility. Further, in order to have successful mergers and acquisitions, investors must be aware of a company’s leadership, which can be a result of media visibility. Third-party articles can even change perceptions and boost valuation.  

Talent Recruiting and Retention

Media coverage helps to legitimize a company for potential new hires, who typically do research on their future employers. Additionally, seeing press coverage boosts employee morale and fosters a sense of pride, which leads to better employee retention rates.

Supports Sales

There are many ways that public relations can be a valuable tool for sales. At the top of the funnel, media coverage generates awareness and interest. It also helps to drive lead generation campaigns and empowers sales teams to follow up on warm leads. The credibility gained from coverage in the press creates a sense of trust among prospects, which is critical to closing deals. Plus, customers are more willing to speak on your behalf if you have a demonstrated history of public recognition.

Clear, Controlled Messaging

Public relations, the practice of strategically managing the spread of information to the public, allows for a controlled narrative and ensures message clarity and consistency. A dedicated publicity program also strengthens the aggregated impact of all business efforts, from development to sales, for maximum ROI.

If you work in technology and your company does not have a public relations program, maybe now you’ll consider spearheading the implementation of one!

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