ViVE: The Super Bowl of Healthcare Conferences

January 30, 2024

February ushers in the mega football game of the year where typically fans see an East Coast- West Coast mash up, but the big game events extend into the later part of the month when Los Angeles hosts the Super Bowl of healthcare conferences – ViVE!

ViVE is a well-attended premier event where digital health decision makers come together to engage in meaningful discussions around challenges or obstacles within healthcare, share groundbreaking advancements within the industry and shape the future of our healthcare.

What will be the emerging conversations coming out of ViVE?

While we don’t have a Magic 8 Ball, we know the future of healthcare is poised for transformative changes with artificial intelligence (AI) playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing healthcare from personalized and efficient patient care, to early disease detection and improved overall health outcomes, and ViVE is the epicenter for these advancements to unfold!

Beyond AI, nurses will take center stage at ViVE 2024. The nursing sector of the healthcare industry has significantly declined since the pandemic and has struggled to recover. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Organization of Nursing Leadership, 23% of nurses surveyed said they are considering leaving their jobs within the next six months. Facts are facts, and fewer students are attending nursing schools, creating an even wider gap in the availability of nurses. Healthcare is breaking down because nurses’ voices are not being heard, and ViVE wants to be at the forefront of real change for nurses. There is a new generation of nurse innovators redefining the industry, and nurses are taking an entrepreneurial approach with their careers.

Now you may be thinking: I’m not a company that directly reaches nurses and or has an AI component, so how will I get noticed at the conference? I’ve been asked many times by clients how to break through the noise at these types of conferences. Clients also frequently ask: How can we get in front of the media while at the conference?

With thousands of attendees at ViVE, your company needs to have a strategy in place to be heard and seen, and you need to make that plan well before ViVE’s start date of Feb. 25, 2024.

Here are a few tips:

Join in the Conversation Early

Dangle the Carrot

Break out of the Box

Creating positive awareness for your brand is super important, and that is where PR can help!

A wise man once told me that the only thing you own is your reputation. That applies for businesses, too. The right PR partner will help build both brand affinity and will elevate your brand awareness.

Healthcare clients rely on the Bospar PR and marketing team to help build buzz, maintain a positive reputation, develop messaging and create contributed content.

We would love to do the same for you! When can we talk?

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Erin Jundef is a Vice President at Bospar specializing in developing creative media campaigns for clients in healthcare, medtech and edtech.