Spotlighting Video Conferencing Cybersecurity Now! With George Waller

August 11, 2022

Today’s guest is George W.. – no, not that one, but a man with his own mission to shape this country and make it safer across many industries. George Waller may have more luck than the former president because he – and his company Zerify (formerly Strikeforce Technologies) – have focused on cybersecurity for 21 years and invented two methods of securing video conferencing to protect private data – keystroke encryption and out-of-band authentication. Covid changed the way we do business and conduct meetings and the most proprietary and classified information is discussed through collaborative communications. George initially approached the popular video conferencing platforms (the names we all know and platforms we’ve all used!) to offer security solutions, but was unable to make headway. For some, refusing his company’s help was due to a lack of manpower and others just failed to foresee the increase in breaches that a switch to remote work models would bring – or how long we would all be working remotely. Hackers follow the money and they know that video conferencing is hot now. When it comes to protecting conversations about mergers and acquisitions, disaster relief plans or government initiatives (among countless other examples), “zero trust” cybersecurity is a must. George explains what that means and discusses how Zerify ensures that every single user is verified before entering a conference. He also talks about the importance of classifying conferences according to priority levels for security so the proper controls are in place. From this cybersecurity visionary you will learn why we are in danger if we (and the government!) don’t make cybersecurity in video conferencing a priority!

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