Social Media is MEGA Powerful: with Ruben Ramirez and Mega Jewell

November 7, 2022

Today’s guests are the powerhouses behind the full-service PR, marketing and social media agency Bospar’s exemplary and award-winning social media offerings. It’s not about reaching hundreds of thousands of people but about impacting a hundred of the right people! And Mega and Ruben explain what that means. Engaging with one’s audience is key to what catches on via social media, and these two experts are excellent strategists when it comes to producing content that captures eyeballs. How important are posts on Twitter and LinkedIn? What can we learn about the mistakes of Elon Musk that make us better social media strategists? What does the current chaos at Twitter show us about the power of social media platforms and how can we salvage them? Because bottom line: we do need them, as our guests explain.

You might be underestimating just how effective these social media mediums are for business audiences to understand a brand, place their trust in it, and believe the spokespeople behind it. Mega Jewell and Ruben Ramirez explain this concept, the “quality over quantity” aspect of social media posts, and how creativity must result in engagement for a social media campaign to be effective for any B-to-B company. The duo address budget, optimizing spending based on platforms yielding the best ROI, testing different platforms to identify what is best for companies and their brands…and more.

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