Sharing their services for a sharing economy: Wendy Greenland and Mark Warnquist

October 27, 2022

For today’s milestone episode, we welcome two CEOs to the podcast for the first time. Our guests are Wendy Greenland of Openforce and Mark Warnquist of InShare. It’s particularly appropriate that they’re “sharing” the spotlight as both are devoted to professionals working for share platforms such as Uber and Lyft, and to companies that employ independent contractors. Openforce is a technology-driven services firm that reduces the operating cost and compliance risk for companies using independent contractors, and InShare delivers insurance solutions for the sharing (“gig”) economy platform. The two CEOs partnered out of a passion for meeting and serving the needs of independent workers and are continually thinking of ways to work together. They discuss their commitment to helping contractors who wish to stay independent, the logistical and legal challenges, how Covid affected gig workers, how their companies jointly ensure that independent contractors are protected, and how technology solves these challenges.

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