Bospar Study: Why Virtual Beats Open Offices

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Bospar Study: Why Virtual Beats Open Offices

New Data From Tech PR Firm Bospar Reveals Which Office Spaces Americans Most Love and What ‘Biz Speak’ They Most Hate

SAN FRANCISCO—May 25, 2018—Americans hate open offices—and they are willing to relocate in order to change their work environment. Bospar, the boutique PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, is releasing new data that shows that 20 percent of Americans would take on more responsibilities if it meant that they could switch to a work environment that was more desirable.

The Bospar “Work It” study was fielded by Propeller Insights to more than 1,000 U.S adults representative of the country’s population.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The survey reveals that the majority of Americans (76 percent) hate open offices because there is no privacy (43 percent). They also:

When it comes to why Americans think their employer chose their current open workspace, the majority said that it’s to save money (30 percent), to encourage collaboration (23 percent), or to keep an eye on employees (15 percent).

No Commute: Happier Employees

The vast majority of Americans (84 percent) feel that working from home is preferable to any other work arrangement. The number one reason is not having to commute (58 percent), followed by the belief that working from home would make them more productive (41 percent) and more thoughtful (35 percent).

The survey also revealed that, for those who aren’t happy with their current workspace, 18 percent would pursue a new job to have a workspace they like better, and 9 percent would petition to work part-time in an environment they do like—at home, for example.

“Since Bospar is a virtual office, we wondered how Americans felt about virtual environments and their benefits,” said Curtis Sparrer, a principal at Bospar. “An overwhelming majority of Americans want to work in quiet places, but they can’t do that in today’s open office environments.”

Furthermore, 20 percent would take on more responsibilities if it meant they could change from an open workspace to something better, and 19 percent would relocate. A small group would even take a pay cut (5 percent).

Powwow? Let’s Not.

Americans agree that work clichés drive them crazy. The number one offender is the phrase “powwow.” This is followed by:

“Quick question” and “Happy Friday!” were also on the no-no list. “Good start” was the least hated workplace phrase.

The survey was fielded from April 4-April 10, 2018. More information about the survey methodology and raw data results can be obtained by emailing

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