Bospar PR: Trump Makes a Third of Us Less Proud to Be American

New Fourth of July survey from boutique PR firm reveals how Trump’s presidency is affecting Americans’ sense of patriotism

SAN FRANCISCO — July 2, 2018 — New data released today from Bospar, the boutique PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, discovered that 33 percent of Americans say President Donald Trump has them feeling less proud to be an American. About a quarter (24 percent) of Americans say President Trump has them feeling prouder, while the rest (about 44 percent) say Trump’s presidency has not affected their feelings about their country.

“I truly thought more people would be disappointed with our country after the headlines and social media activity we’ve measured,” said Curtis Sparrer, Bospar Principal. “Our colleagues Brent Shelton and Rachel Thomas recommended this research as crucial to understanding the conflicted feelings of our country. But it’s not simply measurement for measurement’s sake: At Bospar we need to understand American attitudes on the key issues of the day in order to advise our clients on the right strategies to connect with their stakeholders.”

The survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, conducted by Researchscape on behalf of Bospar from June 22-24, 2018, also asked when Americans feel most proud of their country and what they most love about the July 4th holiday. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

More proud to be American under Trump Less proud to be American under Trump
53 percent of Republicans 55 percent of Democrats
9 percent of Democrats 6 percent of Republicans
36 percent of adults over age 75 38 percent of adults age 34 or younger
26 percent of white Americans 30 percent of white Americans
20 percent of Latinos 41 percent of Latinos
12 percent of both Asian and black Americans 43 percent of both Asian and black Americans
28 percent of Americans living in rural areas 35 percent of Americans living in cities
23 percent of Californians 37 percent of Californians
26 percent of people living in the South 28 percent of people living in the South

By gender, men feel more (29 percent) and less (30 percent) proud to be American in about equal measure, while women are much more likely to feel less proud (35 percent) than more (19 percent).

Americans of all stripes proud of veterans

While Trump’s presidency may be divisive, Americans agree they feel most proud to be American when they think of the brave men and women of our armed forces (57 percent) — regardless of age, location or political affiliation.

Other things that make Americans proud to be Americans include:

Speaking of Independence Day, Americans feel pretty “un-ironic” about it: two-thirds (67 percent) said their favorite thing about the holiday was celebrating the country; 45 percent look forward to picnicking with family and friends; 32 percent love the fireworks; and 32 percent love the way it brings the community together.

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