PR Insights From Former Journalists

The Humble Press Release Still Has a Lot of Juice
January 6, 2021

As a well-rounded firm comprised of people from all areas of the professional communications field, Bospar is uniquely positioned to offer insights about what it takes to succeed in PR. Many on our team are former journalists, with backgrounds that range from local and national TV news organizations and assignment desks to print newspapers and top-tier tech industry publications.

A number of our ex-journalist colleagues participated in a recent Bospar virtual roundtable for aspiring PR professionals, offering them a number of strategies to help establish and advance their careers. It resulted in the sharing of some of our ex-journalists’ most useful tips and best practices for media relations. Here are some key takeaways:

Bospar’s ex-journalists know that despite pop culture portrayals, a successful career in public relations is far more than talking on the phone all day or “networking.” Good written and verbal communications skills – along with the desire and ability to make client news “shine” while gently and persistently working in partnership with the media – are the pathways to success. Just ask a retired reporter!

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