What’s a nice guy like you doing in a job like this?: with Juda Englemayer

Podcast: Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi

February 14, 2023 | Hosted by Eric Chemi

Juda Englemayer is the crisis communications expert who takes on a lot of taboo clients that many people won’t touch. You have heard their famous names in the media. They are controversial and, dare we say, “unsavory” (our host says it for us) individuals. Juda doesn’t take these well-known, shunned people on as clients willy nilly; he sits down with a lawyer and with his intuition first to see if he should manage their reputations. He talks about the public aspect, SEO and the different mediums he must keep an eye out for in terms of coverage and what it’s like to work with those who’ve been canceled and blacklisted. How does standard PR differ from “reputation management?” And how did Juda come to represent all these big names known to be in hot water? What can other PR professionals learn from Juda’s desire to help the underdog? Also, how does he keep his “normal” clients happy while representing the ones many would never touch? We hear his responses to these many questions, and he discusses his background and trajectory from PR pro to reputation manager. Most importantly, we get the answer to why a nice guy like him is in an industry that’s not known for nice guys.