“We Needed Cybersecurity Before The Creation of The Browser” with Francis Cianfrocca

Podcast: Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi

July 21, 2022 | Hosted by Eric Chemi

When you think of cybersecurity, you immediately flash to personal PCs and IoT devices, an organization’s critical assets – and yes, those are all essential components to consider, but today’s guest Francis Cianfrocca, CEO at InsightCyber discusses how his company looks out for and services even bigger corporations that experience a trickle down attack from an organization’s breaches.

InsightCyber not only keeps an eye out to stop breaches before they happen using the most highly refined AI, but they focus on large facilities like  power plants and manufacturing centers due to the surprising and incredibly sneaky ways these large facilities are compromised. He details how InsightCyber is the future of “physical cyber security” and talks about the need to shore up actual machines (cybersecurity goes beyond personal PCs, personal devices and IoT devices!) and protect them. With InsightCyber’s proprietary AI designed to weed out any false positive alerts, the company quickly spots rogue devices in physical networks and preempts cyber attacks by detecting any potential trouble before it can strike. What Francis explains is that essentially, cybersecurity is everywhere! And hackers are all over any opportunity they can seize. You’ll be fascinated by our guest who was concerned with the subject of cybersecurity before the Internet browser was even invented! Tune in to find out more and prepare to be fascinated.