Silicon Valley who?, with tech columnist and advisor Hillel Fuld

Podcast: Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi

March 7, 2023 | Hosted by Eric Chemi

We’re joined today by Israel’s “top marketer” Hillel Fuld, here to talk about working with tech startups and giants alike. Hillel says there’s only one thing he looks for before he embarks on a new journey with a company: good people. How quickly can he tell if people are good?, our host asks. “Within 30 seconds.” That, plus injecting humor into his work and life, are what keep Hillel on the top of his game. And coming from someone who notes that he’s a “carnivore” in his email signature, we’re guessing he has plenty of good humor to spare. Hillel also talks about the tech scene and how things are changing: from why humans need AI, the importance of showing value to your audience, and why the human-computer interaction is archaic. If you want to know why a country the size of New Jersey is saying “hold my beer” to Silicon Valley, watch this episode now.