Make Digital Transformation Your Core Competency with StarCIO’s Isaac Sacolick

Podcast: Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi

July 3, 2024 | Hosted by Eric Chemi

In the age of tech disruption, who is responsible for leading a company through digital transformation? Isaac Sacolick, founder and president of StarCIO, identifies these leaders as “digital trailblazers.”

In this Politely Pushy episode, Isaac quiets the buzz around generative AI advancement by comparing its hype cycle to the expansion of mobile technologies. Digital transformation paved the way for more organizations to adapt web content accurately to a mobile format. Outside of generative AI and the evolution of mobile applications, digital transformation remains integral to any organization’s forward momentum.

Tune in as Isaac discusses the critical investments companies must make, such as appointing innovative leaders to enable experimental cultures, to stay competitive in a digital world.

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