Meeting (And Exceeding) Client Expectations

Expectations from Bospar
September 12, 2017

Client expectations met It may sound simple, but meeting our clients’ expectations can be a difficult skill to master. When working on a new project or client campaign, it’s most important that we understand our clients’ needs and why they expect a certain outcome.

Here are a few ways to make sure you’re meeting (and exceeding) client expectations:

Give Feedback

After discussing your clients’ needs and their expected outcomes, be honest and upfront about what you think will work. Ask about their top media targets and what they consider to be a successful launch. Reach out to your clients’ wish list of reporters first and give them feedback on why certain reporters are interested.

Stay Transparent

Whether it’s good news or bad news, let your client know how your approach is working. If reporters are not interested in the story, this is an opportunity for you to go back to your client with a refined angle. Share the response as soon as you receive it so that you’re able to move quickly in case a new direction is needed. Waiting until the last minute to share progress could result in a lack of trust.

Don’t Overpromise

While many clients believe their news should always make it into top-tier outlets, it’s important to be honest about why an outlet will or will not cover a story. Share examples of past articles from that outlet to set realistic client expectations. We all want to make our clients happy by promising great coverage, but by overpromising and underdelivering, you risk losing your client’s trust and respect.


Finally, communicate often with your client. Be clear about the program strategy, goals and timeline, and make sure that your client agrees with your plans. And, of course, be sure to share all results quickly. By the way, it’s not enough to keep just your client contact informed. Make sure all key members of the marketing and executive teams are updated on your accomplishments.

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