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July 27, 2022

My girlfriend Julie from Chicago once told me that her husband had to visit Home Depot 10 times just to hang a picture but that her father could make a log cabin out of a toothpick.

Her palpable frustration was both worrisome and hilarious.

Thirty years have passed since the toothpick incident, and, good news, Jack and Julie remain happily married. The reason that I’m sharing this story so many years later is that it highlights all the behind-the-scenes work that often needs to happen to get to the desired end result.

What happens behind the scenes

When Julie was a kid, or even after she became an adult, she wasn’t always around to see all of the work that her dad did – including his trips to Home Depot – to build his house or hang a picture. But because she and Jack shared a home, she experienced his every effort firsthand.

At Bospar, we’re not opposed to showing our work when we think such visibility will provide value and clarity for our clients. But much of the work we do happens behind the scenes.

This includes executing award-winning creative campaigns; creating compelling, well-researched articles, blogs, press releases, and quotes; identifying relevant media outlets and reporters with content and pitches that speak to the moment and address reporter requirements; monitoring coverage that results from this hard work; and reporting all of the coverage that we have secured to our clients.

We also help clients to be at their best for media appearances; assess what award and speaking opportunities warrant their attention – and help them win the most coveted awards and capture prime event speaking slots; connect with key influencers to increase their visibility and validate their value proposition; stay abreast of news; effectively handle crisis communications; and craft marketing messages for maximum impact.

What it takes to drive results

Providing all this value isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, attention and expertise. It requires relationships with journalists and analysts that have been years in the making. It involves significant teamwork; engaged, experienced team members; and enthusiastic, tireless leaders.

Bospar brings all of these important attributes together to create PR magic for our clients.

What you need – and might not need – to know

We are very collaborative – both internally and with our clients. But we also understand that clients don’t want to be involved in every detail. That’s what they hired us as their PR firm.

As Bospar’s Eric Chemi, host of the Politely Pushy® podcast, notes: “People don’t see the behind-the-scenes of the PR world, they see the press that gets out there, they see the story coverage.”

So, if you ask us what our secret is to building client success, we’ll tell you. But we won’t bore you – or any of our clients – with all of the details. We’ll just get to work to make your business more successful, your life a whole lot easier, and your amazing PR success appear as if by magic!

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About the author

Paula Bernier is chief content officer at Bospar PR. She has more than 25 years of experience writing and editing for tech trade outlets, including Inter@ctive Week. Bernier is known for her ability to quickly produce compelling content on a wide range of business and technical topics. Areas of specialization include AI, cybersecurity and networking.