The Key to a Successful Top-Tier Placement…Patience

Bospar PR advice on Patience for Top-Tier Media
September 13, 2016

Bospar PR advice on Patience for Top-Tier Media This article first appeared in O’Dwyers.

Every client’s wish and goal is for their PR team to secure a top-tier media placement. We constantly hear how important it is to receive coverage in Fortune, Business Insider, Forbes, TechCrunch and so on.

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of a PR professional’s career is to actually make this happen. Hearing the cheers and excitement around the room (or on the phone) in a client meeting once a top-tier placement hits is what makes the hard work worth it.

However, one of the key factors to a successful top-tier media placement is patience.

Generally, the feature story in Fortune does not happen overnight; in fact, it could take upwards of six months of scheduling meetings, gathering collateral and working with key journalists at top-tier publications to secure a dream placement.

There’s a high level of patience and expectation-setting needed in these situations.

In addition to patience, there are many other key factors that play into securing a dream placement, such as:

And lastly, again, be patient. Any good-quality feature story in a top-tier publication will take time. You just have to do your homework first! If you don’t, an ambitious goal will become an impossible one.

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