Jered Martin Fascinates Us with How AI can Precisely Match Brands to Reporters

April 28, 2022

This week we are joined by Jered Martin from OnePitch, a company our host wishes was around when he was a reporter. OnePitch helps PR professionals match their pitches with the ideal media list so they’re only contacting suitable journalists. AI technology is instrumental in this careful matching process with the service designed to carefully look analyze pitches and press releases, scan text to extract specific data points and compare those to the company’s database of articles written by journalists.

Longtime PR professionals will marvel at this technology. It would have saved them time and spared them frustration had it been around decades ago. Jered discusses how his marketing background lends itself to this venture and why he’s fortunate to have found a mentor in his co-founder Beck Bamberger, a PR agency owner of over a decade. In addition to the importance of connecting to the proper journalist, Jered discusses how OnePitch gets feedback from journalists on how they prefer to be pitched, helping professionals and their agencies avoid being blasted on Twitter for a #PRFail.  

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