HealthTech Means Being a Doctor First, With Colin Banas, MD

Colin Banas, MD Dr First
July 7, 2022

Today’s guest is Colin Banas, MD, an internal medicine doctor and chief medical officer of DrFirst, which started as an e-prescribing company before becoming an innovative health IT technology company with strength in medication management. What is the “Healthiverse?” Banas explains and details how DrFirst unites healthcare stakeholders who align to improve patient outcomes, connecting people to information by making inroads to clean and complete data. He talks about the healthcare challenges that his company’s technology addresses and the role of big data and analytics on patient outcomes. He also discusses how the Health IT space is known to overuse jargon and why it’s so important to keep conversations clear so buzzwords don’t convey apathy or cause patients to tune out.  What does AI really mean when it comes to HealthTech? Banas shares his simplified approach to understanding it so that the “tech” in HealthTech isn’t taking over for doctors connecting with patients. This is something that’s particularly valuable in an age when so much has become remote! 

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