Chaos at Twitter Could Lead to New Opportunities

November 21, 2022


From headlines to a surge of tweets, to friends who know I work in social media asking what to do, and my stepdad casually asking at dinner, “So, do you know about Twitter?”

Yes — I know about Twitter. It’s literally in my job title to know. 

Hey, I’m Mega Jewell, vice president of social at Bospar. 

It’s been turbulent for eternity a month or so. (That’s an understatement)

But, then, who is keeping track of time nowadays?

If you check my Twitter, you’ll see I’m verified. Yay (?)

Ten years ago, when I was a reporter, it took me seven or more months to get the verification badge. I partied with a bunch of my reporter friends to celebrate the milestone. “OMG — we’re Twitter Verified?! We’ve got it made!”

At the time, the Twitter team had a strict verification process to confirm that I was indeed who I said I was and worked at a credible news station. I lost my verification when I got married and changed my name.

Now, with Twitter Blue, I got my blue check back for $7.99 a month. This time, there was no party. Candidly, it felt … eh.

After the purchase, I tweeted a bit more than usual, hoping — that something magical would happen. Maybe something unique to justify the $8 that I could have spent at McD. It’s been a couple of weeks, and so far zilch. At least for now. 

Features like “rocket to the top of replies, mentions, and search” are purportedly  “coming soon.” Here’s my Tweet to prove it. 

I’m going to spare you specific headlines and summarize some notable ones:

Google Trends Worldwide shows that in the past 90 days:

With everything going on, here are recommendations I would have brands consider:

I’m here with you and for you — send me a message, and I’ll do my best to support you.

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