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Why Is PR So White?

October 02, 2019 · Kourtney Evans
White at Bospar

It is 2019: the era of #BlackLivesMatter and #NoBanNoWall. And yet there is an undeniable lack of racial and ethnic diversity within the field of public relations. It seems that many young African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinxs do not see themselves in a public relations career.

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From Journalism to PR: A Report From the Dark Side

June 05, 2019 · Paula Bernier
Dark side at Bospar

I am not one of those people who maps out her whole life ahead of time. I’m more a take-it-as-it-comes kind of a woman. But, like most people, I always did have a general idea of who I was and what my life might look like. And, until recently, that did not include working in public relations.

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Notes on Knope: What PR Pros Can Learn From TV’s Leading Ladies

April 25, 2018 · Kourtney Evans

As a PR expert, you likely find professional inspiration in many different places. For instance, you may feel inspired after…

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