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Short and Sweet: Bospar February Client Coverage Highlights

March 07, 2017 · Tom Carpenter
Short and sweet coverage from Bospar

February is the shortest month of the year, but, here at Bospar, there was certainly no shortage of client media coverage. Last month our boutique agency secured more than 100 placements for our clients in outlets ranging from VentureBeat, CIO, MSN and Yahoo! Finance to the Huffington Post and Marie Claire.

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Power Boost

January 03, 2017 · Chris Boehlke

Bospar was a New Year’s baby. So, it’s fitting that we have a tradition of taking two days in December for our entire staff of Bospartans to go off site together to strategize an even stronger year to come. Since we’re based in every U.S. time zone, this means lots of flights, hotel rooms and late nights at the bars.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Pitching Hours

November 02, 2016 · Alessandra Nagy
Bospar Pitching Advice

“What’s your dream outlet?” That’s a question I commonly ask clients when starting outreach for a new initiative. Almost without exception, the answer is the same: a top-tier business or lifestyle outlet.

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