Category: Technology Trends

Long Live the Mouse

December 09, 2018 · Chris Boehlke
Mouse at Bospar

Today, the computer mouse turns 50. Like other major technical inventions, it too will suffer the cruel effects of time and eventually fade into oblivion. In fact, while it continues to blossom in more forms, sizes, colors and capabilities than ever before, it’s already in its decline, chased by laptop and smartphone track pads and touchscreens. It’s only a matter of time before it joins gee-whiz colleagues like desktops, VCRs and flip phones on the technology hall of fame shelf.

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Why PR and Marketing Companies Should Not Ignore Glassdoor

August 09, 2017 · Curtis Sparrer
Scott of Glassdoor

On a job site like Glassdoor, now the second largest job site and fastest-growing in the U.S., a powerful combination of reviews, salaries, benefits and CEO approval can set an organization apart from the more than 700,000 companies featured on the site.

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How to Position Your Product for Media Success

July 06, 2017 · Curtis Sparrer
Product PR at Bospar

When it comes to today’s technology, it’s easy for a product to get lost in the crowd. It seems like every business is touting how their service comes with the “latest and greatest” in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and autonomous capabilities.

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