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5 Tips for Running Your Company’s Social Media Program

January 17, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
Social media advice at Bospar

A quick Google search reveals that there are thousands of people online who want to give you advice about how to run your social media program. They have opinions about whether or not to follow back, which platforms are right for your business, how many times a day to post, when to post on which platforms, and whether or not paid posts are a worthwhile investment.

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Hurricanes, the NFL and Trump Are All Hot News on Social Media

December 07, 2017 · Ruben Ramirez

When is the last time you actually clicked on a news app or turned on the TV and watched the evening news? Can’t remember? Now, when is the last time you scrolled through your Facebook or Snapchat feed? Seconds ago? Don’t worry. You’re not alone..

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Leveraging Social Media to Get Your Products Coverage

August 29, 2017 · Curtis Sparrer
Social advice on Products

As a marketer for a business, you should be using social media to connect with and pitch products to journalists. According to Cision’s 2015 Global Social Journalism Study, two-thirds of journalists use social media each day, and 23 percent also accept pitches they receive via social media.

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