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Dubious Media Inquiries: How Agencies Can Protect Clients

October 09, 2019 · Curtis Sparrer
Inquiries at Bospar

A significant part of our job at Bospar is to review and evaluate the large number of media requests that come in for our clients. A majority of the requests are legitimate and sincere, originating from media outlets and reporters we know and trust. But occasionally, we receive inquiries or interview requests that are cause for concern.

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Why Is PR So White?

October 02, 2019 · Kourtney Evans
White at Bospar

It is 2019: the era of #BlackLivesMatter and #NoBanNoWall. And yet there is an undeniable lack of racial and ethnic diversity within the field of public relations. It seems that many young African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinxs do not see themselves in a public relations career.

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Learn From the Pros and Build Your Company Like a Super Bowl-Winning Football Team

September 25, 2019 · Gabriella Perez-Silva
Football at Bospar

When I was a child, my dad sat me down at our dining room table with a yellow legal pad and a pen. He drew a line of Xs and a line of Os and said, “This is where the game is won. Watch the line, and you’ll see which team is going to dominate the scoreboard.”

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