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Trade Versus Business Coverage: Why Media Relations Efforts Need to Be Targeted

April 03, 2019 · Curtis Sparrer
Targeted at Bospar

If you’ve heard the old saying that “no publicity is bad publicity,” I have some news for you. All publicity isn’t actually good. What is better is targeted publicity.

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Personal Brand Stewardship and Your Career

February 27, 2019 · Curtis Sparrer
Stewardship at Bospar

Because I help companies promote and protect their reputations, “brand stewardship” is always top of mind. And when it comes to one’s career, brand stewardship is critical to success. Nurturing and enhancing one’s professional “brand” should be a top priority in any career journey, because “branding” impacts chances for success and is among the few things one can control. Challenging to establish and maintain, brands require careful nurturing and deliberate action, because your personal brand ultimately becomes your calling card.

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New to Tech PR? Here’s Where to Start

February 20, 2019 · Gabriella Perez-Silva
Tech at Bospar

Hi. I’m Gaby, and I’m a full-fledged technology buff. I haven’t always been. My undergraduate degrees were in English literature and art history. In graduate school, I took classes on sports journalism and public relations for nonprofits. I never played video games as a kid, and I owned a Blackberry way after it was cool.

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