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Businesses Benefit When PR Is Both Consistent and Creative

July 01, 2020 · Paula Bernier
Consistency at Bospar

Consistency. It’s not a word that elicits excitement in the hearts and minds of humans. But consistency matters in PR. Businesses that are consistent in messaging are more successful in educating the market about their value propositions and what they contribute to society.

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Why PR Is Important for Tech Companies

June 17, 2020 · Melanie Daifotis
Companies at Bospar

Arguably the gatekeepers of all newsworthy information, public relations professionals liaise with reporters, producers and editors every day about most, if not all, of the articles and stories you read online, in newspapers and watch on television. But why is public relations important for technology companies in particular?

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Top tools & tips to maximize your productivity when working from home

May 27, 2020 · Hannah Ruark
Working at Bospar

Many people think that working from home is a walk in the park. I am often told how lucky I am to be able to work from my house, where I can do laundry, cook meals for myself, chill on the couch, and watch TV.

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