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How To Use PR In The Sales Process

December 18, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
Sales at Bospar

A major issue driving enterprises crazy is how long it can take to convert a sales lead into a customer — or get any type of response, for that matter. It typically doesn’t occur to sales and marketing teams to integrate public relations activities into the sales process. This is a missed opportunity because PR can be beneficial in accelerating response times and increasing the probabilities of closing sales.

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Beyond ‘Star Trek’: The PR Power Of Star Power

November 28, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
Star at Bospar

Recently, I had a dream come true. Bospar had the privilege of working with a star I have idolized for years: George Takei. Yes, that George Takei! George rose to fame as Hikaru Sulu, the helmsman of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise in the original “Star Trek” television series.

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Controlling The Narrative: Dealing With Breaking News And Embargo Challenges

November 06, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
Embargo at Bospar

Few phrases in common usage are more pervasive than “controlling the narrative.” Regardless of your walk of life, having control over every aspect of your “story” should be a priority, personally and professionally.

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