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How to Host a Successful PR Event

April 24, 2019 · Miranda Honnoll
Event at Bospar

Think of the last time you lost track of time at an event you attended because you were too busy enjoying yourself.

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RSA: The Recipe for Success

June 19, 2018 · Laura Ruark
RSA advice from Bospar

For one week each year the streets of San Francisco are filled with security professionals from around the world, attending the largest security conference: RSA. I had the pleasure of supporting our security clients as this year’s event. Following are a few pointers and lessons learned for PR pros planning for next year.

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Clinton, Corden and ‘Intelligent’ Marketing

May 16, 2017 · Tricia Heinrich
Marketing advice by Bospar

Last month I attended the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit for the second time. My previous attendance was in 2014, which now seems like an eon ago—changes in the so-called “marketing nation” and in marketing tech have been dramatic in the past three years.

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