Yellowbrick Data

Data Warehouse for Distributed Data Cloud


Yellowbrick is a hybrid cloud data warehouse in an industry crowded with competitors big and small. However, the company has something that most don’t: a hybrid solution that offers cloud AND on-premises storage and processing. Bospar was faced with elevating the company’s presence among giants like Amazon and Snowflake, showcasing how Yellowbrick stands above the rest.​


Bospar turned to Propeller Insights to gather compelling and relevant third-party survey data to pitch to media tied to how the tech industry is responding to the impact of COVID-19. Bospar polled 1,000 enterprise IT managers and executives, uncovering their infrastructure priorities during this era of economic uncertainty ​
and disruption.​


The results were conclusive: despite the current climate, companies were not reducing IT budgets. In fact, almost two-thirds of respondents said they are investing more in analytics infrastructure and 55% are looking at a hybrid-cloud (not a cloud-only) strategy.​

As a result of outreach, Bospar secured more than 20 pieces of online and ​
broadcast coverage, with feature stories in Forbes, TechRepublic, ZDNet, SiliconANGLE, Datanami and other media outlets.​

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