RKVST: Securing a Leading Position in Supply Chain Security

RKVST enables organizations to prove and verify the provenance and authenticity of any data they use in their business operations. Whether that’s tracking nuclear material, underpinning climate transparency or eliminating supply chain disputes, RKVST exposes fake data instantly verifying whether it is safe to use and fit for purpose. Underpinned by blockchain technology, RKVST seamlessly integrates with existing software and secure data storage systems via an open API, creating a record of proof or origin provenance and authenticity for any data. It’s also then easy to share that provenance with partners, suppliers and customers, providing the transparency, integrity and trust that every business needs for its critical decision-making.


Founded in Cambridge, England, RKVST expanded operations to the U.S. and wanted to bolster its presence in the American market. RKVST teamed up with Bospar to develop relationships with U.S. media and build coverage across traditional online, print, broadcast and podcast media to generate brand recognition and credibility in a fiercely competitive and crowded technology category and market.

The company sought to enhance its credibility and presence with thought leadership and technology-focused articles while reaching influential media to engage with potential customers, investors, government audiences and business partners.


The Bospar team executes a custom media strategy for each announcement and PR initiative. We conduct media outreach that leverages news announcements, executive commentary and newsjacking, tailoring outreach to tie into current trends and news cycles focused on supply chain, security, digital integrity and nuclear waste.

As part of our PR strategy, we positioned:

  • RKVST as a leading industry solution for data provenance and supply chain integrity, transparency and trust challenges.
  • Company executives as credible resources and experts on data provenance topics related to security, software and the digital supply chain.
  • Jon Geater, RKVST’s co-founder and chief product officer, as a resource/expert in discussing social/governance topics, with a POV on U.S. national security on the supply chain and any governmental legislation, executive orders and federal regulations on the subject. This includes leveraging executive commentary and media briefings that drive RKVST’s messaging across the news.

Campaign Results

85 Online Media Placements
5 Bylines At Top Tech/Trade Outlets
53 M Total UVMs


We hit the ground running: within the first two months of our engagement, we generated over two dozen earned media placements for RKVST, a mix of targeted newsjacking initiatives and feature coverage of news announcements in various media outlets, including DevOps Digest, Datanami and Supply Chain Quarterly. Coverage in the Silicon Valley Business Journal generated over 6m UMVs.

We introduced RKVST to the U.S. media, securing media briefings, building relationships with reporters, and furthering executive visibility. We maintained a steady cadence in the news by sharing unique commentary. Bospar leveraged many topics for newsjacking efforts, including OpenSSL vulnerabilities, Gartner data and the White House OMB memo.

For example, in September, Jon Geater’s commentary in response to the White House OMB memo on cybersecurity in the U.S. published in Supply Chain Digital: Software supply chain welcomes Biden memo on cybersecurity.

But that was just the beginning. To date, we’ve earned media coverage for RKVST in 85+ articles, including five bylines at top tech/trade outlets: Spiceworks, Security Boulevard, Solutions Review, Supply & Demand Executive, and Cyber Defense Magazine, resulting in a combined UMV of over 5.3M.

Additional coverage, including feature articles of company news, appeared in Fortune, VentureBeat, Digital Journal, Spiceworks, Silicon Angle, San Francisco Business Times, TechStrong.TV, Axios and InformationWeek. We’ve also helped RKVST build relationships with reporters including at key federal and technology trades.

Since engaging with Bospar in July 2022, RKVST has consistently led SOV against all competitors.

Total placements: 85

Total UVMs: 53,280,230

RKVST VP of Marketing Liz Harris and Bospar Principal Curtis Sparrer during a strategy session.

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