Parametrix Insurance

Prime Time for Down Time: Insurance Coverage for Cloud Outages


Parametrix is the provider of parametric cloud downtime insurance. While they had a presence in Tel Aviv, their company HQ, they wanted to build their US presence through top tier and industry media coverage. They came to Bospar in January 2022 to help.​​

The program had a three-part objective: build relationships with top tier media, secure US coverage around the product and technology and increase recognition of both the product and execs in the US media. Right off the bat, Bospar immediately began pitching an AWS outage, leveraging a CTO quote about what the outage meant for businesses. We followed that with “agency of record” outreach to all media friendlies, which resulted in two meetings with WSJ, Bloomberg, CNBC and Forbes. The team leveraged two company announcements to keep the momentum going.​​


To date, Bospar has secured 28 pieces of coverage in top-tier business media, podcasts and insurtech trades, including Wall Street Journal, Insurance Journal, Inside P&C, Business Insurance and InsurTech Magazine.​

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