Modern Card Issuer Dominates Money 20/20


Marqeta had high expectations for Money20/20, with six announcements and five speaking  sessions, more than any other company at the show. The fintech startup was primed for  success, but could it rise above the noise, not cannibalize its own news, and get visibility for  its announcements and CEO? ​


Through a combination of pre- and at-show media briefings and a strong at-show digital  strategy—social, blogging and podcasts — a palpable buzz was created for Marqeta at  Money20/20. The catalyst kicking off show exposure was securing a  Reuters exclusive  the  first day of show. ​


Traditional print and digital efforts created a viral effect, garnering media interest from the  New York Times, WSJ, Cheddar , leading fintech outlets, and podcast requests establishing  CEO thought leadership. Other metrics included  3.9M Money 20/20 ad impressions  and  over  8.2K clicks for a 175% increase in new users to; 5.4K unique page views  of the company’s Money 20/20 landing page; and  108 customer and prospect meetings ,  achieving  111% of the company’s Money20/20 goal Company executives said it was the  biggest and best show for Marqeta… ever!

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