Insuring Gig Workers in the Sharing Economy


InShare is on a mission to grow the sharing economy by solving one of the industry’s most complex challenges – insurance. Insurance is a major expenditure for sharing economy companies, which also materially impacts the independent workers on whom they depend. Bospar’s goal was to increase brand awareness of InShare, highlighting their innovative approaches to insurance and recent $7.5 million seed funding round.​


Bospar recommended creating a company focused press release about InShare’s recent seed funding round and mission to grow the sharing economy by solving insurance challenges. Bospar pitched to business, funding, and trade media.​


Bospar secured 13 pieces of coverage in just 1 month, totaling 10,344,300 unique impressions in outlets including Fortune Term Sheet, FreightWaves, The Fintech Times, Insurance Innovation Reporter, Insurance Edge, Carrier Management, and more. Bospar also secured an interview with Wired for a potential future article.

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