Engage Ventures

Disrupting the VC Ecosystem


Engage Ventures – an independent early-stage venture fund and startup program – wanted to position its funding model as a disruption to the VC ecosystem and achieve maximum visibility of the fund launch. Engage also wanted to attract high-quality startups to apply for the first cohort of a program providing hands-on mentoring from a network of Fortune 1000 mentors and set the stage for portfolio company debuts, success stories, executive visibility and thought leadership. ​


PR worked with Engage and ten partner companies to develop messaging showcasing the venture’s unique funding model that gives startups more access to capital and bigger companies. Pursued multi-pronged approach to drive coverage in a variety of publications with narratives tailored for funding, broader business and New York-based broadcast media. ​


Secured more than a dozen top-tier media placements, including in-studio interviews with Yahoo! and Cheddar TV on the floor of the NYSE, and launch day stories in TechCrunch, Fortune, PEhub among others. ​

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