Conversica: Artificial Intelligence, Real Results


Can artificial intelligence communicate like humans?

Conversica AI can. Conversica is the leader in AI-powered business conversations. Their flagship AI Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers by automatically contacting, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations.

The company wanted to leverage a major Series B funding round to secure wide coverage in business and technology media. They wanted the coverage to target specific industry verticals, create buzz on social media, drive traffic to their website, and generate interest in product demos and free edition sign-ups.

And they didn’t see the funding announcement as a flash in the pan. They wanted this launch to be a turning point in their PR program and company visibility. In order to do that, Bospar needed to bolster Conversica’s thought leadership, establish the company as the new face of AI for today’s enterprises, and secure its first national media coverage.


Bospar worked closely with Conversica to develop funding messaging and corporate positioning. The agency capitalized on the media interest in AI to generate buzz for Conversica and its first-of-its-kind funding round, establishing the company as the new face of AI for today’s enterprises.

Bospar developed a comprehensive, highly-vetted funding media list, inclusive of media and analyst contacts covering:

  • Financial
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurs/leadership
  • Technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sales and marketing technology
  • Specific verticals tied to Conversica customers.



The PR team:


Media Coverage

Wall Street Journal: Conversica Raises $34 Million Series B for Business-Focused AI Chat

CNBC: These AI bots are so believable, they get asked out on dates.

Fortune Magazine: This Cyber ‘Sales Assistant’ Uses Artificial Intelligence to Hook New Leads

Forbes: Most Consumers Welcome AI; Here’s What It Means For Retailers

TechCrunch: Conversica lands $34 million Series B to build intelligent sales assistants

VentureBeat: Conversica raises $34 million to help sales teams convert leads through bot-powered email conversations

Inc.: 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Automate Your Business Today

ZDNet: Conversica raises $34m to scale its conversational AI

CRM Buyer: Sales, Marketing Poised for AI Revolution

TechTarget: Natural language driving proliferation of FB Messenger



Bospar generated financial, business, product and vertical coverage, securing more than 450 stories across all relevant media categories, as well as executive profiles, for a total UMV of over 59 million. The team secured coverage in major business and tech outlets, including CNBC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Fortune, and Forbes.

The CEO and CMO reported that during the month of the launch, the campaign exceeded its goals, resulting in several new company records:

For its efforts Bospar earned a Platinum 2017 Marcom Award.

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