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Collibra was announcing a new $112M funding round during the COVID-19 pandemic and  wanted to reveal the news without sounding insensitive and tone deaf to the economic  market.  ​


PR pivoted the messaging from focusing on Collibra’s growth to more of a proof point that  Collibra is stable, viable, well-funded and ultimately helping companies to better  understand, trust and use their data. PR kept media outreach efforts to a small, select group  of top tier, big data and security contacts who would amplify Collibra’s message of being  viable during uncertain times.  ​


PR secured interviews with  Business Insider, TechCrunch  and  VentureBeat  that resulted in  coverage. PR generated more than  50 unique articles  in outlets such as:  Fortune, Axios,  SiliconANGLE, Database Trends & Applications, Datanami, CRN, Solutions Review  and   InsideBIGDATA. 

Bospar promoted Collibra’s new $112M funding round, avoiding sounding insensitive during the pandemic. We highlighted the message that Collibra is stable, viable, well-funded, and helping companies to better understand, trust and use their data. Keeping media outreach efforts to a select group of top-tier, big data and security contacts, Bospar secured interviews and coverage with Business Insider, TechCrunch and VentureBeat. We generated more than 50 unique articles in outlets such as Fortune, Axios, SiliconANGLE, Database Trends & Applications, Datanami, CRN, Solutions Review, and InsideBIGDATA.

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