Bio Bidet Makes a HUGE Splash During Prime Day


Bidets are in vogue — and for good reason.

The coronavirus pandemic precipitated new awareness and acceptance of bidet products due to increased public focus on hygiene, as well as the toilet paper shortages in the recent past.

Some of the cheaper bidet attachment companies have capitalized with clever, often humorous, marketing tactics, but do you know who is the real industry leader?

It’s Bio Bidet, the clear category leader in the bidet seat space with 30% of the market share.


Yet the media wasn’t fully aware of their position as a market leader.

While some of its competitors were flush with coverage, Bio Bidet was being largely ignored by the media. How could Bio Bidet, a nice company from the Midwest, stand out and be on-brand while maintaining an advocacy for better hygiene?

Bospar developed a multi-step plan that would insert Bio Bidet into conversations that mattered; secure reviews with influencers and journalists; and, finally, create a palpable belief that bidets were the wave of the future.

Campaign Results

40 Stories Secured




We started with a research-driven approach, educating reporters about American attitudes about the bidet, positioning the bidet as a money-saving tool now that families were using more toilet paper than ever before due to the lockdown.

Our research of over 1,000 Americans discovered that 33% of Americans said they tried a bidet, 48% said they had not tried a bidet, and 19% asked, “What’s a bidet?”

The most important statistics: after their first time with a bidet, 85% of Americans said they would keep using it.

Bospar also targeted feature product roundups and reviews. We partnered with reviewers, giving away bidets during our “30 days of free bidets” promotions, and also ensured Bio Bidet’s deals (especially on Amazon) listed in top-tier weekend roundup sales, which not only positioned its brand right next to some of the biggest brands in the world every weekend but also drove a measurable increase in traffic to its presence on Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, and Best Buy.



Our research immediately secured Bio Bidet’s first-ever television coverage. The reports focused on Americans’ perceptions of bidets and how they could be cash-savers during the lockdown.

CNET reported on our efforts to demystify the bidet experience with our bidet virginity campaign. The best social posters were awarded a free bidet.

Bio Bidet was reviewed in media outlets such as Wirecutter, which was key, as that audience is specific for potential customers looking for what brand and models to invest in. It was also reviewed in vertical media like ReadWrite, where the audience is very connected to the latest technology.

But the full-court press in establishing Bio Bidet as a favorite with the top-tier commerce editors at NBCNews, CNN Underscored, Buzzfeed, CNET, USA Today, PopSugar, Business Insider, and major consumer magazines was the secret sauce in our PR strategy and ultimately led to Bio Bidet’s Prime Day mega-breakout with over 40 stories secured. Buzzfeed, for example, included Bio Bidet in “29 Prime Day Deals We Loved So Much We Posted Them On TikTok.”

Riding that tidal wave of positive press, Bio Bidet achieved a record number of sales during Amazon Prime Day 2020. Its bidets stood out as a best-seller among the hundreds of thousands of products sold during the event, securing the company’s position as the market leader in the bidet seat space category.

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