AtomicMind: Helping Students Become “Wow” College Candidates



AtomicMind is an education technology company offering families a boutique coaching experience that prepares students to become “wow candidates” in the increasingly competitive college admissions environment.

To help mitigate the stress that comes with navigating the college admissions process, AtomicMind provides students – and parents – with a customized technology platform that keeps students organized and on track, leveraging measurement, accountability and strategic decision-making to chart their education journey.

AtomicMind needed PR’s help launching its college admissions technology platform for a personalized and comprehensive college application experience. Within an extremely competitive landscape, PR needed to position AtomicMind as the solution to navigating the increasingly high standards of the elite college admissions process. We were tasked to build awareness about the solution, which targets a niche market, without the typical news stories that garner media attention.



To draw attention to AtomicMind’s solution, we had to lean into events that would attract media attention, offering unique commentary. We knew we needed to position CEO Leelila Strogov as an education expert on relevant, and at times, controversial issues.

When news leaked that SCOTUS intended to overturn Roe vs Wade, PR sprang into action. We designed a pulse survey of 1,000+ incoming college freshmen to find out how the ruling would impact their college decisions. PR knew that approach was atypical of most conversations about higher education. We collaborated with Leelila to create unique commentary on the impact of the ruling on students with diverse and/or marginalized backgrounds that led to two pieces in the Los Angeles Times with syndication. Nationwide survey coverage included broadcast segments on TV news outlets from Alabama to Denver, with MSN syndication alone generating over 193 million UMVs.

The survey also led to PR’s byline idea on why high school grads should consider attending college in a Red state. “The case for attending college in a red state” published in The Hill.

Campaign Results

2 B Impressions generated in a year
16 M UMV generated by The Hill
216 M UMV generated by MSN



Bospar secured coverage in target-right media that reached parents with children of high school age and the education community, including the Los Angeles Times (syndicated to over 30 outlets), eCampus News, eSchool News, EdTech Review, Forbes, The Hill and broadcast coverage in over 50 markets in top markets from Denver to Salt Lake City and Austin.
Within a year, we generated 2.1B impressions.

The Hill byline generated a UMV of nearly 16 million, with syndications to over 10 outlets, including MSN (UMV of 216M).


Business Impact
The coverage is positioning CEO Leelila Strogov as an expert on the college admissions process. Before meeting AtomicMind, clients are learning of Leelila and AtomicMind through the secured coverage. The CEO’s introductory meetings with clients are becoming less about sharing who she is and more about how she can support the students’ needs on their academic journeys.
Leelila is also seeing more positive activity and engagement on LinkedIn as a result of the coverage.

“Bospar was quick on their feet in anticipating huge media moments that would bubble up to be a story that we could build a unique narrative around. Their strategic counsel put us on the path to fantastic coverage and their guidance allowed us to gain visibility and awareness among our target-right audience.”

— Leelila Strogov, CEO and founder of AtomicMind

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