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How To Use PR In The Sales Process

December 18, 2018 · Curtis Sparrer
Sales at Bospar

A major issue driving enterprises crazy is how long it can take to convert a sales lead into a customer — or get any type of response, for that matter. It typically doesn’t occur to sales and marketing teams to integrate public relations activities into the sales process. This is a missed opportunity because PR can be beneficial in accelerating response times and increasing the probabilities of closing sales.

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Long Live the Mouse

December 09, 2018 · Chris Boehlke
Mouse at Bospar

Today, the computer mouse turns 50. Like other major technical inventions, it too will suffer the cruel effects of time and eventually fade into oblivion. In fact, while it continues to blossom in more forms, sizes, colors and capabilities than ever before, it’s already in its decline, chased by laptop and smartphone track pads and touchscreens. It’s only a matter of time before it joins gee-whiz colleagues like desktops, VCRs and flip phones on the technology hall of fame shelf.

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Think Like a Journalist

December 04, 2018 · Alisha Alvarez
Journalist at Bospar

Here’s one simple trick to get a journalist’s attention: think like a journalist. Relationships are key when it comes to placing an article in the media. While cold calls can sometimes succeed, pitching a story works like everything else in business. When someone knows you, they’ll open your emails and start a dialogue.

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