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Employees as Social Media Ambassadors

July 29, 2020 · Ruben Ramirez

Employees have the potential to be your company’s biggest social media ambassadors. With everyone #WFH and spending a lot more time online looking at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, it’s a perfect time to engage new audiences. Follow these guidelines to learn best practices on how employees can use their personal social channels to publish content about your company.

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Press Releases and Collateral: Don’t Blur the Lines

July 22, 2020 · Tricia Heinrich
Blur at Bospar

There has always been a blurring of the lines between marketing and PR. And today, more than ever, PR practitioners are taking on projects that could be viewed as traditional marketing responsibilities. From writing drip campaigns to creating social media content and producing videos and podcasts, we’re regularly asked to bridge the gaps between marketing, advertising and communications.

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More on the New Normal: Remote Work Is Going Mainstream

July 15, 2020 · Curtis Sparrer
Remote at Bospar

Bospar has been a virtual agency since its inception. At more than five years old, our firm has mastered the remote office thing, and, given our steady growth as an award-winning agency, we are doing more than okay. In fact, we’re so strong in our convictions around open-plan offices that we decided to test our assumptions in 2018, commissioning a piece of research that we called the “Work It” study.

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