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Brave New World

March 24, 2020 · Chris Boehlke
Brave at Bospar

It’s amazing that in only a few weeks’ time, the entire world has been told to move online for almost every aspect of their lives, with analog doors slammed shut in their faces.

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A First-Person Experience: Prepping for TV Interviews

March 18, 2020 · Curtis Sparrer
TV at Bospar

Before coming to PR, I spent many years in TV news. Countless hours of writing, producing and camera work has left me with the view that in order to make great television, you must have great guests. Energetic and articulate, a good guest must be well-versed in their topic and, very importantly, trained.

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A Woman’s History Is Her Future

March 11, 2020 · Chris Boehlke
Woman at Bospar

I think of Women’s History Month as being not so much about the past but about the future. But the only way to a woman’s future is through her past.

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