At Bospar, Content Really Is King

King at Bospar
January 29, 2020
King at Bospar

Yes, it’s a cliché. And, as Bospar’s chief content officer, I should know better. But the importance we place on the development of high-quality content helps differentiate us. As we observe our fifth anniversary, it is important to think about how we position ourselves and what we value. And our unique approach to content has helped define our brand and is key to our success.

Our content philosophy is that great content is the basis for everything we do, from media relations to social and customer-focused communications. Our program “pillars” include the following:

Our highly skilled Content Team members offer years of editorial, social and marketing experience. We work together closely so that all client content delivered is consistent, interwoven and, quite frankly, superior to what other PR agencies provide.

I joined Bospar from the corporate side, hiring and firing a handful of agencies over the years. So, I know how rare getting good content from an agency is. Also, I should add that I am uniquely qualified to boast about Bospar because I was a client of these same principals…twice! I experienced their commitment to excellence and to generating great results first-hand. When I got the opportunity to join their fledgling new agency 4 ½ years ago, I jumped.

I know that our next five years will also be filled with fun, challenge and growth. And content with no typos!

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