Curtis Sparrer joins Jane King on KRON4 News.

Curtis Sparrer joined Jane King to speak about Bospar's recent win and to share why Bospar continues to be recognized as the leading PR & Communications firm. This episode recently aired on KRON4 News.


The Bospar Plane Transformation & Speed

Even though it's no longer top of our homepage, this plane animation still represents a central part of what we do. Transformation and speed are at the core of our work and they're what help our clients speed ahead.


Curtis Joins ABC7CS "Don't Say SanFran!"

Surveying nearly 1,000 people in January of 2022, Bospar’s proprietary research revealed that more than half (56.5%) of Americans use the term “San Fran” to describe San Francisco, a slight decline from last year.


Don't Call it SanFran

The majority (65 percent) of San Franciscans and people who live in the surrounding Bay Area use “San Francisco” when referring to the city. Forty-six percent also call it “The City,” and 37 percent call it “SF.”


Yellowbrick Case Study

IBM came for Bospar's client Yellowbrick...and things didn't go well for Big Blue.


SingleStore Case Study

Things were really coming together for MemSQL. Yet despite its differentiated solution and impressive revenue growth, some organizations ruled out MemSQL based exclusively on its name. The company knew that a successful rebranding effort required a strong, well-orchestrated PR team to achieve its objectives: enter Bospar

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